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Endeavour (Street Wisdom walkshop in Whitby)
Third time for me, and though I did have a question about my own needs, what came through was more how we can help fulfil the needs of others. Hearing and listening, sharing and caring stood out for me. Thank you to a lovely group of people and of course our Leader, Jacquie, who made it a superb afternoon!  
Stand and Stare (Street Wisdom walkshop in Whitby)
The few hours spent with Jacquie and the group in Pannett Park area proved to be an inspiration! There were surprising revelations and creativity flowed! How does it work, I ask? Can it be that the answers are already out there but needed the “stand-and-stare” experience for it to come to me? A valuable lesson learnt : to slow down, really observe and take time to notice what is around me. Thank you so much Jacquie for this wonderful insight into the power of the mind. Highly recommended!
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