Supporting mindfulness in your everyday life

Fire Meditation
Thanks Jacquie! I watched your fire meditation at the end of December. I loved the flickering licking flames - it made me feel like tossing all the baggage of 2021 into the fire and let it go up the chimney, up and away....
Carol Stevens Co-ordinator Ryedale Carers Support
Mindful session for Carers
Jacquie conducted a fabulous session for our Carers Support Group . Everyone  really enjoyed the session as it helped to identify ways to deal with stress, find time for yourself and learn coping mechanisms and techniques when dealing with stressful situations such as caring for a loved one. Jacquie was very friendly and approachable and enabled us all to come together and share our lives and help and support each other. A great session and we hope to have her back again in the spring.
Team building with Street Wisdom
Jacquie enabled the staff of Ryedale Carers Support and the wider partnership to come together after a long hard year in lockdown and all the pressures that brought with it. Jacquie gave us the space to slow down, reflect, learn more about ourselves and each other. It was a very positive experience and brought the team closer together. Everyone has asked for another session, maybe focussed on specific work issues. I would highly recommend it if you want a calm, non threatening space to bring your team together and move your business forward. Thank you Jacquie.
A perfect breathing space
Thank you Jacqui for another calming and soothing street wisdom session today. Zoom is not my favourite but it didn’t diminish your facilitation of this gentle but powerful process. It was very heart warming to share thoughts and resources with the other participants. You created a perfect breathing space!
Meditation Video
You have such a lovely calming voice Jacquie. I have just watched Steppingstones and found this so relaxing after a busy day. Thank you .
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