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I set up Mindful Meets in 2019, after 5 years of intense stress, when several traumatic events brought almost overwhelming uncertainty and instability into my life. During this time, I (re)turned to techniques discovered over several years of attending meditation and tai chi classes, retreats and mindfulness courses. My zest for life re-emerged when I started to lead 'Street Wisdom' sessions in 2018 - and received positive comments about my calming and open approach. In early 2019, having left my 20-year education career, I successfully completed a Mindfulness Diploma, a fascinating course that deepened my understanding and boosted my confidence in what I could offer others. Gradually, I began to recognise that my personal experiences and my skills as a teacher and trainer, combined with my belief in mindful approaches, gave me a wonderful opportunity to share with others what has worked for me. Having discovered it for myself time and time again, I feel strongly that our immediate environment can be a powerful pathway towards greater peace. I particularly enjoy the Mindful Meets events that take place outdoors, showing how stillness can be nurtured whether in park, beach or street surroundings. That said, I am keen to enable you to experience mindfulness as part of your everyday life - whether in the streets, on your sofa or at the sink! I look forward to meeting you at a future event.
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Another Chapter

In 2017, I met Neil Ward, an artist and writer who was working on an illustrated book that tells the story of a young woman discovering a transformative approach to her thoughts and emotions. Wanting to tread a path that more closely aligned with my growing interest in mindfulness and mental well-being, I took a deep breath, and offered to proof read his work (well, I used to be a journalist!). When I read the first few chapters of ‘Alice and Bertie at The Tree’, I couldn’t believe how much they resonated - though different in context, Alice’s feelings echoed mine and struck a chord. Talking this through with Neil, we soon sensed a mutual understanding that encouraged us to combine our differing skills and sensibilities in order to bring Alice’s story to fruition. Working together on this beautiful book has revealed to me a world of courage, connection and caring that has helped me to believe in myself and what I can offer; to face difficult times - and my own, often deeply uncomfortable, emotions - more openly and to be more kind to myself. Mindful Meets has been very much shaped by the inspiration, influence and ideas that Alice and her creator have brought into my life. Thank you Neil.

‘We are all more precious than we realise. Awaken in each unfolding moment.’
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