Supporting mindfulness in your everyday life

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Come along to one of our practical and informal sessions. Ideal for team days and friendship or family groups.
"Jacquie's interactive activities kept the people we support engaged" - Debbie, Camphill Village Trust, February 2021
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Connect with your local environment and others at a FREE 'Street Wisdom' walkshop. Hosted throughout the year, both online and in the Whitby area.
"It was lovely to be encouraged to slow down and have a few quiet moments to myself. Jacquie was a relaxing, calming influence. Looking forward to doing this more often" - Maria, April 2021
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Calm body and mind with Mindful Meets Meditations - short guided relaxations inspired by the soothing North Yorkshire landscape.
"Fabulous experience being at one with nature!" - Shelly, October 2020

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