Supporting mindfulness in your everyday life

Mindful Walking with Camphill Village Trust via Zoom
Jacquie was a guest host on our Wednesday Wellbeing sessions for 2 weeks, and her interactive activities kept the people we support engaged and we all really enjoyed the sessions. Thank you Jacquie.
Street Wisdom Online: morning walkshop
I recently attended Jacquie Cole's Street Wisdom #streetwisdom https://www.streetwisdom.org/ online walkshop. During the 45 minutes Jacquie led us through a very mindful and peaceful process, in which we 'tuned up' our senses. We then connected with our environments in order to address a personal or professional question we wanted a different perspective on. Jacquie is an engaging and attentive facilitator, with an easy manner and a warm spirit. I enjoyed her session, and came away with a collected sense of connection, to my local surroundings and also to the other people at the event. Thank you Jacquie.
Mindful Meets Meditations
The relaxation videos are beautifully calming. I appreciate being able to focus on small details guided by Jacquie's soothing approach. I have enjoyed 'forest', 'waves' and 'moon' and look forward to more.
Mindful Meeting Zoom session for Green Lane Community Group
Jacquie prepared and delivered a bespoke mindful practice to assist my community action group in preparing for a remote meeting. Her delivery exceeded my expectations and participant comments included 'genius' and 'very good'. She had a clear understanding of the needs of the participants and took time to connect with them. Her tone, manner and inclusive tools ensured that participants felt comfortable. Online meetings can be challenging. This experience helped us to feel grounded and present. Our meeting was therefore more productive. I would highly recommend Jacquie for her informal and professional service.
Mindful Meets Meditation: Forest
Just spent a mellow 5 minutes enjoying Mindful Meets Meditations: Forest edition via YouTube. Feeling calmed. More of these would be very welcome.

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