Supporting mindfulness in your everyday life

A perfect breathing space
Thank you Jacqui for another calming and soothing street wisdom session today. Zoom is not my favourite but it didn’t diminish your facilitation of this gentle but powerful process. It was very heart warming to share thoughts and resources with the other participants. You created a perfect breathing space!
Meditation Video
You have such a lovely calming voice Jacquie. I have just watched Steppingstones and found this so relaxing after a busy day. Thank you .
Give it a go!
Sincere thanks to Jacquie who hosted the recent Street Wisdom session which I attended. Her calm presence and thoughtful facilitation gave ample time to focus on 3 questions and to connect with other participants from around the world, with opportunities to ponder and share personal insights. Her caring, sensitive manner encouraged mindful participation without any pressure. I would definitely recommend giving it a go! Lots to gain, including greater clarity for the week ahead. Thank you Jacquie
Stepping Stones meditation video
Thanks Jacquie, I ‘went’ to the Yorkshire Moors for a few minutes this morning without leaving my bed. I enjoyed it - I often struggle to hear or understand some practitioners, often because of the volume of the ‘soothing’ music, ironically. For that reason, your video suited me. It was a quick fix too.
Street Wisdom Online: morning walkshop
Took part in my first 'Mindful Meets' session on Monday morning. What a lovely way to start the day. I wasn't sure what to expect but Jacquie was a relaxing calming influence and I didn't feel any of the awkwardness or anxiety which I would normally have when experiencing something new for the first time. There was no pressure to 'perform' in any way but just an encouragement to share if you felt comfortable doing do. it was lovely to be encouraged to slow down and have a few quiet moments to myself. Looking forward to doing this more often if work allows.

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