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Harnessing the calming benefits of being outside, 

Mindful Meets events connect you to the Whitby area, showing how stillness can be discovered on the doorstep

Mindful Moments


A three-hour workshop offering a powerful combination of guided activities, peer support and take away ideas. Available on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. 

Mindful Meanderings 


A relaxing hour's walk with mindful exercises to help you stroll your way to stillness. Available on Sunday afternoons/evenings (seasonally adjusted) and Monday mornings. 

Mindful Movements


A gentle hour of steady movements to soothe the mind and body. Available Sunday & Monday afternoons.  *NEW in September: Weds mornings*

FREE event - 'bring a question and use the streets  for inspiration'. Find out more and book your free place at


Helps reduce stress and tension

 Improves physical well-being

Increases communication and connection

 Strengthens resilience 

Bookings and costs 

Booking is essential for all Mindful Meets events.

You can email or text/call 07758 726569

to find out more and reserve your space(s). 

Mindful Moments

3 hour session


  • 3-part workshop allowing time and space to put aside the distractions of everyday life

  •  Making the most of the local outside environment to experience ways to become more aware of the here and now


  • Initial gathering at a central meeting point and final session in a local cafe for sharing ideas and support 


Mindful Movements


1 hour session

  • Steady, sixty minute session to soothe the body and mind 


  • Experience the calming effects of practising outside in the park or on the beach


  • Simple repetitive movements for all to enjoy 



Mindful Meanderings

1 hour session

  • Sixty minute walk that is gentle on the body and mind


  • Regular STOP ('Seek The Opportunity to Pause') points along the way for rest and reflection 


  • Begin to see Whitby with new eyes !






    Mindful Meanderings


    Mindful Movements 10.30-11.30am 

    Mindful Movements


    Mindful Moments 1.30-4.30pm

    Mindful Moments


    Mindful Movements


    Mindful Meanderings

    -Oct to Mar


    -Apr to Sept